A world full of street food


Fine dining may have its Michelin Stars, food-porn Instagram pages and world renown chefs, but nothing beats strolling down the street and grabbing a bite from the local food vendor. But I’m not talking about any meal from a random vendor, I’m talking about the best street food out there, and trust me, street food has conquered the world. So where are the best places to go to get you grub on?

Here are our top 5 street food destinations, but since they are all equally awesome, they’re all ranked #1 on my list!

#1. Marrakech, Morocco.
If you’re a single man, go out and find yourself a Moroccan woman. The Moroccan food is unbelievably delicious and every Moroccan woman knows her way around the kitchen. If you’re already spoken for, you can settle for a visit in Marrakech instead! This ancient city is the street food capital of Northern Africa, a region famous for its wonderful menu. Help yourself to some couscous with vegetables, roasted chicken and olives, kebab, roasted lamb and shawarma.

#1. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Put together French cooking techniques with Southeast ingredients and what do you get? Only the heavenly kitchen known to all as Vietnamese food. The delicious noodle dishes, the soft bun sandwiches and the rice with fried egg are all favorites in this wonderful foodie city. I know…I’m also getting hungry.

#1. Amsterdam, Holland.
Stroll through the delightful streets of Amsterdam, and enjoy an array of riches from the famous French fries with infinite amounts of sauce options, to made-on-the-spot waffles and ice-cream. If you’re in the mood for something with more of a local feel to it, try the wonderful herring sandwiches. Sweet or salty, whatever you’re craving at the moment is right in front of your eyes. Get your munch on!

#1.Tokyo, Japan.
Undoubtedly, the center of the fish and seafood universe. Here you can grab the best sushi in the world from any random street vendor! This amazing city has all of the perks of a modern, high-tech city with all of the amazing tastes of an ancient kitchen. Although the variety isn’t as big as in other areas, however if you’re a fish person, a seafood lover or are simply in the mood for some really good sushi, there’s no other place in the world for you!

#1. Last, but certainly not least, Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok may very well be the street food capital of the world. A seemingly endless amount of options, with everything made fresh in front of your eyes. It’s like Thai take-away heaven, with all of your favorite dishes a simple street vendor away. Enjoy some spicy papaya salad, chicken curry or mango sticky rice. But the main foodie attraction here is the spicy noodles and Pad Thai.  

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