All you need is love


I love you. Three words that are feared by some, desired by most and impactful on everyone.


From the Bible to Shakespeare, The Beatles to Bob Marley and “Gone with the Wind” to “The Notebook”, one theme seems to stand above all others – love.

So what exactly is love? Why do we strive for it, search for it, fight for it and sometimes even do the craziest things all for this simple idea?  

Simply chemistry?

From the traditional evolutionary point of view, love is simply the byproduct of our basic need to reproduce. Mating is the ultimate goal, therefore love and romance are merely a means to an end. (sorry to all the romantics out there ☹)

With that said, more recent studies have found further explanations about the concept of love, deeper than just the evolutionary reasoning. From a biological standpoint, love can be explained as the release of certain chemicals in the brain. The initial rush of romance and new love releases dopamine, the “reward” chemical that gives us that addicted sensation.

And what about that long-lasting, soul-mate, one-in-a-million love? Unfortunately, this too is simply the release of the certain chemicals, which allow us to form memories and recognize others. The mix of these chemicals along with dopamine, in effect causes us to be addicted to our significant other, rather than being “in love” with them. (once again, sorry romantics!)

I’m a believer

But even with all these scientific facts, this explanation doesn’t seem to be suffice. Maybe it’s just the romantic in me, but I refuse to believe that love is just a chemical reaction, or an evolutionary means to an end.

Maybe love is to the soul like air is to the body.

Maybe there is true love, and soul-mates do exist. Maybe, just maybe, Shakespeare and Bob Marley, John Lennon and Jane Austin all got it right. Maybe love, like belief, is one of the few concepts that we just can’t fully explain. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. And I’m much happier blindly believing in the concept of love as mystery left unanswered, rather than treating it like a mathematical equation.

For me, love is all about chemistry, but it has nothing to do with science. 

No matter the reason or belief, one thing cannot be denied,
all you need is love…

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