Amongst the trees


There’s something special about living in a wooden house. Whether it’s deep in the woods, on top of a hill or even up in the trees, the nature-feel of your surroundings will turn your house into a cozy, relaxing home. Besides the fact that these houses are beautiful and unique, there are many other benefits from living in a house made of wood. 

So here is a list of reasons why you should abandon your city apartment and go cabin shopping for that perfect wooden home.

Wood is energy efficient
Why waste a great amount of energy warming up a cold house or cooling off a warm house, when you can simply live in a wooden home? As a natural insulator, wood is a very effective material to isolate cold or heat, and gives your home the perfect room temperature.

Silence in the woods
If you are looking for a peaceful, quiet and relaxing home, then wood is all you need. The natural look of the beautiful log houses is not all that wood has to offer. This natural resource happens to be a great sound absorber, blocking out unwanted noise from the quiet ambiance that you desire in your home.

Money doesn’t grow on trees
But these trees can save you money! Wooden homes, log cabins, and even tree houses are all economically efficient. First of all, since wood is energy efficient, and since energy costs money, it’s safe to assume that wooden homes are less of an economic burden than stone or brick houses. Also, these houses made of timber are usually built much faster and are better planned than other houses. A faster build is a cheaper build!

Natural product = environment-friendly
These timber homes are not only friendly to our environment because of the natural products used during construction, but they also take an active part in helping the environment on a daily basis. The natural wood absorbs Carbon Dioxide (CO2), cleaning our atmosphere, cleaning our air, cleaning our homes.



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