Angry Birds


From The Birds of Hitchcock to the addictive Angry Birds game and movie, birds have inspired many creators worldwide, however, these bad boy birds are not to be messed with. 

Birds are fascinating creatures, as they come in many different shapes and forms. Some are really big, while some are extremely small. Some are cute and colorful, while others are absolutely ugly. While parrots may entertain you with their ability to speak, pigeons will probably annoy you with their seemingly perfect aim while pooping from above. And while some birds are nice and symbolize peace, like the beautiful white Dove, there are others who are just plain jerks, mean birds that prey on the weak and lash out their anger at every opportunity.

So here is my list, in no specific order, of the most badass birds out there, the ones you need to keep your eye out for.

You know those awkward, innocent looking birds with the really long beaks that float around on the water and make those ridiculous sounds? Well they can’t possibly be all that mean, right? Wrong.
A Pelican is a certified badass, that will eat anything and everything. They have the longest beaks in the world, and they use them to eat basically anything that will fit. They simply fly down from above, scoop as much water as they can into their beaks and eat whatever they managed to catch. This alone would be fine by me. However, pelicans don’t simply swoop down to the ocean in hopes of finding some fish treats, they also eat other birds as well. While this alone is not uncommon in the bird community, this next fact is – they don’t kill their prey! They simply swallow them alive and whole! If that’s not an angry bird, I don’t know what is…

There are many different types of eagles, as they vary in size, appearance and region. However, they all have one trait in common, they are revered hunters that inspire some, feared by most and known to all. They have the speed, strength, swift reflexes and killer instinct that makes them one of nature’s ultimate fighting machine. But what really gives them the perception of being a true bully is the way they hunt. They don’t swarm down and try to eat their prey like regular predators. No. they have to have some mean fun with it. They swoop down, pick up their slower and lighter prey from the ground, fly up high into the sky and then…drop the poor animal and watch it plunge to death. With such a mean and cruel way of hunting, no wonder eagles are considered one of nature’s biggest bullies.

Vultures are one of nature’s grossest animals, as they simply wait above for something to die, and then fly down to eat the rotting corpses. While this alone makes me nauseous, it is not enough to coin these creatures as jerks or bullies. However, the American Black Vulture easily makes this list, as it takes bullying to a whole new level. While most vultures rely on their keen sense of smell to find their rotting prey, the black vultures happen to have a terrible sense of smell. So, in order to find their prey, they simply follow other vultures around and once the prey is found, they chase them away. So not only do they wait for animals to die, but they let other vultures do the work for them before they swoop in and steal it away. And as if this wasn’t enough, they are also infamous for attacking newborn animals that are incapable of defending themselves. And the cherry on the top of their badass sundae – they don’t have vocal cords, so they hiss instead of chirp. Now that’s a mean bird right there!

And while there are other mean birds such as the scary black crow or the baby-murdering warbler that would love to make this list, these angry birds were just asshole enough to top the list.

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