Best Friends


How do you know if you and your best friend are meant to be? Here is the ultimate list of signs that your friendship is on a BFF level.

You don’t communicate with each other like normal people
When two random people communicate, it usually comprises of a conversation in which one speaks, the other listens and then responds. Sounds pretty simple. But when you and your best friend communicate, it involves inside jokes, telepathic eye contact, a made-up language and anything else that only the two of you will understand.

You’re always in the mood for the same junk food
True best friends are always in the mood for a burger together, one will have fries and the other onion rings, so they can share. If pizza is what they crave, their toppings will mesh perfectly. Taste buds are so in sync that there is never a question of sweet or salty.

You share homes (and families)
You and your BFF are so close that your home life has become one. You enter without knocking. She stops by to say hello and you’re not even home. The fridge is open domain. Your parents love her more (just kidding, but it’s pretty close!)

You’re no longer capable of making a decision by yourself
You and your besty have become so close and dependent on each other that neither of you can make a decision without the other’s take on the matter. It could be a decision as small as what to wear to the party or as big as what you want to do with your life, and everything in-between.


And last, but certainly not least, your best friend will never let your selfie go unliked!


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