There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”- Leonard Cohen

Many psychological studies have shown, we prefer a combination of chaos and order. We like order for it allows us to exert a degree of control in our environment. But we like chaos for it brings innovations and changes in patterns, which in turn creates new designs and innovation.

We like the pleasant feeling we get from seeing a beautifully landscaped garden. Yet, we might cringe at the site of that same garden while it is being torn and dug up while in the process of being landscaped.

One way or another, we tend to notice both ends of the spectrum: the extreme order and the chaos or broken nature of things.

As photographers, we have the unique ability to appreciate either or based upon our own aesthetical proclivities. However if we play close attention to the details within the chaos we might be able to find an aesthetical harmony within the apparent chaos. This ability to find beauty in chaos seems to be a common theme of those who’ve mastered the art of seeing.   

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