California Dreaming


I’m a proud New Yorker, by birth and at heart. But as much as I hate to admit it, and trust me – I do, California is an amazing state. The weather, the beach and all the amazing places to be, honestly make this western rival of mine one of the best destinations for tourists looking for a bit of everything.

And since there’s so much to do in the golden state, it’s important to plan your trip in advance. Although I’m a fan of “winging-it tourism”, where spontaneity is key, I’ve decided to lend a hand and help you get your californication going.

Start up north
Northern California has many attractions to offer, for any type of traveler. For the adventurous type, there are many great hiking trails, forests, mountains and rivers in the northern cali wilderness. If you’re looking for a little less of the great outdoors and a little bit more romance and sophistication, Napa Valley is perfect for you. One of California’s most popular destinations, this beautiful spot is perfect for your wine-tasting, bed-and-breakfast style vacation. And if you’re missing that urban feel, you’re in luck- San Francisco is considered one of the best cities in the world. The endless hills, unique cable-cars, great restaurants and nightlife, sports teams and an old jail named Alcatraz, this is what makes this city so unbelievable.

Route 1 – the road-trip begins.
After you’ve made your way through the great north, it’s time to grab a car and take the show on the road. Cruise along route 1, swerving amongst the mountains with clear skies, open road and the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean. The sights are breathtaking, there are plenty of places to stop for a break and you can even take a detour and enjoy a couple of days camping in Yosemite National Park. If road-tripping along the Pacific isn’t enough, wait to hear about your next destination!

Final destination, SoCal

SoCal, or Southern California, is first and foremost home to the big stars of Hollywood, the bright lights of Showtime and the golden sand across the endless beach. Here you can live it large and go on a Rodeo drive shopping spree. Take a walk amongst the stars, paved throughout Hollywood or visit Venice Beach and all the cool vibes it has to offer. Continue down south for a couple of days of theme park fun, with Universal Studios, Six Flags and Disneyland ready for you to enjoy some thrills and family fun. The sport events, the concerts, a night-life second to no one, the surfers, the rockers, the hipsters, the struggling actors and the high-society of Beverly Hills. SoCal is a destination for all, as anybody and everybody are welcome to come and join the party. Also, you can cap off your trip with a visit to San Diego, a wonderful city in its own right. With SeaWorld, Torrey Pines and the San Diego Zoo, this stop on your trip is definitely a must.

Now, you are ready to go on your ultimate California vacation, so turn your California dreaming into reality and enjoy the ride!

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