Cities of Pride


Acceptance and equality. The ability to openly love who you want and where you want. To abolish discrimination and stereotypes.

One of the major rights movements of this millennia era has revolved around gay rights. And while the fight for gay rights isn’t close to being done, there have been great strides of progress in recent years. Today, there are cities all over the world that are very gay-friendly, and proud of it.

So, I’m proud to share my list of the world’s most gay-friendly cities…

Beach Pride

  • Miami – with sunny beaches, a booming nightlife and a widely accepting crowd, this tourist hotspot is a great city for the LGBT community, especially during the Miami Beach Gay Pride Festival.
  • Sao Paolo – In the heart of South America, where most countries and cultures have yet to catch up on gay rights, sits Sao Paolo, home to the largest gay parade in the world. Every year, around 4 million people come to enjoy the festive parade, with costumes and drag, parties, beaches and fun for everyone!
  • Los Angeles – California recently legalized same-sex marriage. Add that to West Hollywood, golden beaches and the best night clubs in the world and you’ve got yourself a LGBT haven.

The New Euro

  • Paris – home to the first openly-gay mayor, elected 13 years ago, Paris is the city of lights, love and romance. And for Parisians, it really doesn’t matter who you love. The fashion, the food, the cafés and the nightlife all make this city a wonderful attraction.
  • Madrid – The Chueca district in Madrid is widely considered one of the gayest communities in the world. With the beautiful city as background, filled with restaurants, bars and clubs, this city is a liberal paradise and gay-friendly hotspot.  
  • Berlin – like Paris, Berlin is also home to an openly-gay mayor. This city surprisingly offers more gay attractions than most cities in the world, including nude parks and hedonistic parties. The Berlin Wall has fallen, and all barriers are now shattered in this wonderful city.
  • London  – proudly home to the largest LGBT community in Europe, with one of the largest gay parades, the best gay nightlife and even a LGBT film festival, London is one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world.  

The Pioneers

  • Amsterdam – the first city to abolish the ban on homosexuality, way back in the 19th century, Amsterdam is one of the most liberal cities in the world. Their moto, “live and let live” represents the culture of acceptance in this amazing city.  
  • New York – the big apple has been a staple for the gay community since the 1970’s. NYC isn’t only the best city in the world, it’s also one of the most accepting and open cities for all. The nightlife, Broadway, the cuisine and everything else that this amazing city has to offer is a nice bonus.
  • San Francisco – San Fran is considered the mecca of the LGBT community. Like NYC, San Francisco has been a booming hub since the 1970’s. From legislation to communal acceptance, lifestyle and attractions, it is widely known that the capital of the gay community sits in the golden state.

The oasis

  • Tel aviv – While San Francisco is the undisputed capital, Tel Aviv managed to top the list. Placed deep in the Mideast, surrounded by deserts of hate and intolerance towards the LGBT community, Tel Aviv truly is an oasis of acceptance and love. The city offers great beaches, nightclubs and restaurants, and has one of the biggest gay pride parades in the world.

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