Coconut Power


The coconut craze is among us. Coconut oil is now classified as a superfood, coconut milk is appearing in many health recipes and coconut water has even been dubbed “Mother Nature’s sports drink”. The demand for these coconut products has never been higher, and it seems that this latest health trend has seduced just about everybody, from celebrities and athletes to scientists and doctors, everyone is going nuts for coconuts!

So what exactly are the benefits of this exotic treat? Let’s examine the main health benefits of coconuts.

Coconut water

The latest trend in health and fitness is drinking coconut water after a sweat-trenching workout. But it’s not bottled coconut water that people are buying. In more and more gyms, refrigerators filled with actual coconuts can be found. You simply pick one, give it to the guy at the counter and he’ll crack it open and give you a cup of fresh coconut water. Honestly, it doesn’t taste very good. But it’s good for you. Very good, in fact. This water is a low-calorie, naturally-fat, cholesterol-free, extremely rich in potassium gem. Also, it is very hydrating, as it is rich with electrolytes that are known to also help a variety of conditions, from hangovers to kidney stones. Many pro-athletes endorse this product because it helps them stay hydrated and prevent cramps and fatigue in even the toughest of conditions.

Coconut milk

Once upon a time, people viewed coconut milk as very unhealthy, due to its high amounts of saturated fat. However, the myth that is saturated fat has been busted, and the many health benefits have come to light. First off, as funny as this may sound, research has shown that if you don’t eat enough fat, you might actually gain weight. This is because people that don’t eat fatty foods end up eating more than people that include natural fats into their diet. The type of natural fat found in coconuts can help you control your appetite. Furthermore, the rich nutrients of coconut milk have proved to be beneficial for skin care and healthy hair, treating infections, dandruff and aging skin.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is extremely rich in fatty acids, and these acids are very beneficial to our health. Studies have shown that this fatty oil can help reduce blood cholesterol levels, thanks to the amazingly high levels of saturated fat found in coconuts. To this regard, coconut oil is also great for fighting heart issues, as the coconut acids and fats have medicinal attributes. These attributes are not only beneficial for your heart, but also your brain. Recent research has revealed that the consumption of coconut oil helps improve cognitive abilities in Alzheimer patients, as well as prove therapeutic for epilepsy and seizures.

So regardless if you’re craving water, milk or oil, join the frenzy and grab a coconut!



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