Cry me a river


I’m a big-ass, fully-grown cry baby.

I’m not ashamed or embarrassed and I don’t feel the need to hide it anymore. I cry at the movies. But not just watching the classic tear-jerkers that gets everyone sobbing, I’ll get a good cry going during sad scenes, happy endings or any random scene that hits the spot. I’ll cry when I see someone else crying, even if I don’t know them. Heck, sometimes I even cry to the right song on the radio, an emotional acoustic with a soft voice.

I’m proud of my crying ways. And the rest of you cry-babies should be proud as well. Crying is good for you. And not just a metaphorical “cleanse the soul” type of good for you, but crying actually has proven health benefits.

Many psychologists claim that ripping out a few tears every once in a while, is very beneficial for stress relief and mental health. And when I say cry, I mean letting loose tears that stem from emotion, whatever that emotion may be. It could be tears of joy, sorrow, frustration, anger or excitement, it really doesn’t matter, as long as they are tears of emotion. Getting poked in the eye and shedding a few reflex tears doesn’t count!

In fact, studies have shown that emotional tears have more stress hormones and mood-regulating hormones than reflex tears. A good cry is a great way to relax the muscles, let down our guard and release the stress through a positive way. From a physiological standpoint, crying triggers a chain of reactions that eventually restores the body to a balanced state.

Also, holding back the tears is just as bad for you as crying is good. When you find yourself in an emotional state, in the mood for a tear or two, holding them back will only cause more stress. Muscles will tighten, your head will start to feel heavy and your mental state will lose some balance.

So all of you tough guys and gals out there who refuse to shed a tear, know that it’s your loss. So drop the act and join the fun…cry me a river.

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