Daddy’s little girl


He treats her like a princess. She looks at him like a king. Fathers and daughters. It’s a bond of epic proportion, unbreakable and so unique that words can’t really do justice. So why is there such a strong connection between daddy and daddy’s little girl? And why is this bond so important for both father and daughter?


This relationship is very unique and important because, naturally, they complete each other in ways that no one else can.

Girls look up to Daddy
A father’s influence on his daughter’s life is monumental. A good, loving father-daughter relationship is key for building confidence and self-esteem in a young girl. An absentee father causes many negative effect in the girl’s emotional stability, while a loving father helps turn a fragile girl into a confident woman. Also, since dad is the first male figure she looks up to, she goes to him for advice on career, men and life choices. On one hand, he is the strong, macho man of the house, but on the other hand, he treats his princess with gentle love and a delicate touch. This is very important because it teaches a young girl that you can be both strong and delicate, it’s not one or the other.

In addition, the way a father treats women during the daughter’s childhood has a great impact on a woman later on in life. When a girl grows up in a home with a father who respects his wife, his sister and his daughter, the girl will become a woman with certain standards for how women should be treated. These standards are key for maintaining a long and healthy relationship in the future. Also, when dad shows unconditional love and respect, this highly influences the daughter’s body image in a positive way, an important psychological factor in any woman’s life.

Daughters bring out the best in dad
This special bond is not one-sided, as a girl’s influence on her father’s life can be just as big. First off, from the day that she’s born, even the manliest of men become soft, gentle and delicate towards their young new princess. Another important factor in this relationship is communication. Men, for the most part, aren’t the strongest of communicators. Yet there’s something about a daughter that brings the best out of any man. A daughter, naturally, forces her father to share his feelings, be in touch with his emotions and to maintain an open line of communication.

Another big reason why a daughter brings out the very best in dad is because of the way he sees her. When he looks in her eyes, he sees a mix of his mother, his sister and his wife. It is because of this; a daughter will always have an extremely special place in daddy’s heart. And an added bonus to the great father-daughter relationship is the inside jokes that no one else could possibly understand.

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