Death of the Manly Man


So…this is just one man’s perspective, but I think that we’re witnessing an interesting phenomenon.

The death of the manly man.

I may be a bit old-school, and more than once I’ve been told that I’m old-fashion, but it seems to me that us men are evolving, or mutating, or whatever else you want to call it. We’re changing. And the manly man, the rugged, the get your hands dirty, the not afraid of blood and sweat macho men are becoming extinct.

Now don’t get me wrong…I’m all for change and evolution. And while there’s nothing wrong with mani-pedis, hand lotion, unisex clothing or shaving your body hair, I wonder if the men of old are disappearing among us.

In today’s world, nerd is the new cool. Sweatshirts and jeans from silicon valley have replaced Wall Street’s 3-piece suit. Men are becoming voluntarily hairless in places where God intended for men to have hair. Barber shops have become beard-shaping salons. Courtship has become sexting (yes, I said courtship…). Athletes have become fashion moguls. And while we’re on fashion – why are the pants going from slim to skinny to too tight? Are we not leaving any room down there for…you get the point.

Where are the Don Drapers, the Clint Eastwoods, the Indiana Jones and the Frank Sinatras of the world? Are those days officially over?

Call me old-fashion, call me old-school, but I[m just saying it as I see it. And I hope that as I grow more into the man that I’ll be, I’ll keep the manly man species alive. If a pipe bursts, forget the plumber, I got it. If there’s a flat tire, no tow-truck for me, I’ll roll my sleeves and get to work. And regarding work – why not wear a suit even if it’s not required? Nothing wrong with looking like you’re ready for some business.

And yes, being a manly man also means being a gentleman. Treating women with respect. Opening doors and throwing coats on puddles. Being respectful. And even asking your potential father-in-law for his daughters hand in marriage. Yep, being a gentlemen is definitely a requirement if you want to call yourself a manly man.

And while I accept this new breed with open arms, I’m not ready to give up on the men of old. Heck, I think I’m one of them (regardless of age…). So, it really doesn’t have to be “out with the old, in the with new”. We can all coexist.

So maybe this isn’t the death of the manly man. Maybe this is simply a manly man refusing to silently become a thing of the past…

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