Dreams of Rain


You’re stranded in the desert. In the horizon you see nothing but sand.
The scorching sun is beating on your neck. All you can do is dream for some rain.

Instead of counting on your dreams to save you, here are a few tips on how to survive in the desert.

Limit your Exposure
One of the biggest dangers in the desert is the extreme weather. The heat and sun exposure during the day can lead to dehydration, hallucinations, serious sun burns and heat strokes. In addition, the desert nights are known to be very cold, and the possibility of hypothermia and freezing is no joke. So the most important step to survival is to cover up. If you don’t have a hat, improvise and cover your head with either a different piece of clothing or whatever material you can get your hands on. In the night, try to stay as warm as possible by covering up with whatever you can. Also, sleeping in a ditch will help you keep your body temperature warmer during those freezing nights.

Be smart with your resources
If you have some food and water, it is very important to be very calculated with how you ration it in order to survive. Rather than drinking water every time you feel thirsty, try to measure your dehydration according to how you feel and according to the color of your urine (the darker the urine, the more dehydrated you are!). Besides rationing your water, when and how you eat is also critical. Food makes the body thirsty, so it is important to eat small portions, only when it is completely necessary and just enough to keep your energy level high enough to continue your journey.

Make use of the natural resources
Try to make the best out of whatever you see in your surroundings. Caves can be very helpful for the hottest parts of the day and the coldest parts of the night. If you see any type of green plant in the area, you might be able to find an additional water source – but be very careful! Also, special features such as canyons and mountains may help you find your way while wondering in the endless desert.

So, the next time you find yourself alone and scared, with nothing but desert in sight, remember these tips and you will surely survive…good luck!


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