Every day is Mother’s Day


Ok. I know that mothers have their own day sometime in the spring. But that’s just ridiculous to me. None of you would be here today, reading this rant or enjoying the great photos that accompany it, without your mother. I’m serious, show me one person that would be here without their mother…

So, since this week it’s my mom’s birthday, I think it’s fitting that we all take a moment to appreciate mothers everywhere. (I know, how selfish of me…)

Mothers are both beautiful and mysterious creatures.

Beautiful in every way possible. All the love and support, the never-ending care, the ability to make us feel like a worry-free 3-year-old, regardless of our age. It all is truly beautiful.

And mysterious even more so. As a guy, I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to genuinely understand the bond that a mother feels towards her child. The sacrifice, and trust me, they sacrifice a lot. We destroy their bodies, pump them up with hormones and cause them a world of hurt, all before they even meet us. And true, at first we are cute and they say it was worth it. But as these cute little children, naturally, we are spoiled and unappreciative little brats. And our poor mothers are the ones to take the majority of this shit, and they take it gladly, with love and care, as always. I’m baffled. How can someone sacrifice so much, love without doubt and support me no matter how many bone-headed mistakes I make along the way?

Honestly, being the self-centered person that I am, I don’t care how, I just care that it keeps on going. Because at the end of the day, we are all somewhat self-centered, and none of us truly appreciate our mothers the way that they deserve to be appreciated. And if you say that you do, I don’t believe you. There isn’t enough appreciation in the world to really and fully appreciate your mom.

So here I am, thanking moms everywhere, even though I know that there aren’t enough words in this language, or any other, to express what mom means to me.

Thank you mommies of the world.

Thank you for accepting us from the day we were born until the end of time. Thanks for cleaning up after us slobs. At first, I’m sure it was tough, with diapers and all. But gradually it turned into blowing our nose, washing our hair, cleaning our room and today it’s the occasional laundry load. Amazingly, one of the hardest days in any mother’s life is the day that we move out. Instead of celebrating their freedom from the burden that is us, their spoiled children, their eyes fill with tears as the young leave the nest.

Thanks for talking with us, teaching us, laughing with us and disciplining us. As mothers, you are the perfect combination of gentle and tough, understanding and accepting. Sometimes you mothers scare the crap out of us, and we love you for it. Thanks for tending to us when we’re sick and acting like the over-grown babies that we are. Thanks for suffering through our hair-pulling and food-throwing stage. Thanks for surviving the parent-teacher meetings, the endless sporting events (honestly, who wants to watch a 1st grader trying to catch a football?), the sibling fights, the messy rooms and all the other shit that we put you through. Mothers, you are a beautiful and mysterious breed.

So once again, thank you. From now on, every day is Mother’s Day…

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