Go ​Fish


I never understood fishing.
Who goes fishing? Why? Is it even a sport?

And then I tried it. Immediately, just like those clueless fish looking for a snack, I was hooked 😉
Apparently I’m not the only one, as roughly 50 million Americans enjoy this great outdoor activity. And it’s not only for your grandpa or retired neighbor. Fishing is enjoyed by people of all ages and gender – about 1/3 of fishing enthusiasts are women (yes, I too was surprised to hear this!)

So what makes fishing so appealing to so many different people?

Fishing can have various positive health effects and even be physically stimulating. While I don’t recommend that you replace your weekly run or gym workout with fishing, you can definitely make your fishing experience a physically beneficial one. Many of the best fishing spots require biking, hiking or rowing to get there, all activities that will get your heart pumping.
Even more noticeable is the great benefits that fishing has regarding stress relief. Sitting quietly and patiently, just you, your rod and the great and outdoors is a proven method to relieve stress. In today’s ever-stressful world, everyone is trying to find their way to a more peaceful and stress-free life, and the focus and patience needed for fishing is the perfect stress reducer. Taking the time to disconnect (either by choice or because of the secluded fishing areas) from work, your cellphone, email or whatever technology is currently ruining your life also helps greatly in recharging yourself and reducing your stress levels. In addition, studies show that fishing helps decrease symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). So, the psychological benefits of fishing are clear, as patience, focus and mindfulness play important roles in the relief of stress.

Another great appeal of fishing is the spoils of war! When you catch a fish or two, not only is the feeling of accomplishment great, but you also earned a great meal. Fish are a delicious and healthy source of protein and omega-3, both important to the human body. In addition, eating a lot of fish can be beneficial to brain and heart health, as well as lead to a longer and overall healthier life.

The benefits are real. It’s fun for the whole family. The great outdoors is calling your name.
What are you waiting for?

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