Happy campers


Whether you’re going with a couple of buddies, your significant other or the entire family, camping in the great outdoors is the perfect activity to close out the summer and embrace the fall that is swiftly coming upon us. So hurry up, pack your bags and grab your tents, we’re going camping!

And to make your camping experience an even better and more exciting one, here are a few of my personal tips…

Plan a camping feast

One of the best ways to pass the time and enjoy a night outdoors is to plan grand meals. Bring a portable barbeque, a small gas stove or simply go caveman and light up a campfire. There are plenty of different meals that are camp-appropriate, but my personal favorite is poyke, or potjiekos, a South African stew, with vegetables and meat slowly cooked in an iron pot over the campfire for several hours. It’s fun to make, and even more fun to eat! Besides your main meal, you’ve got to plan the proper dessert and drinks. Beer and wine are always welcome, but if you’re out with your young ones, consider bringing some apple juice boxes as well. As for dessert, you can’t have a campfire and not make s’mores! This simple combo of crackers or biscuits with chocolate and melted marshmallows is absolutely mouth-watering and a camping trip must!

Don’t give up on comfort

Just because you’re roughing it up in the great outdoors, it doesn’t mean that you have to really rough it up. Don’t underestimate or undervalue the importance of comfort. Pack warm clothes, blankets and pillows, bring a portable phone charger or small generator. Whatever you can bring to make life more enjoyable is a welcome addition to the camp bag. A cooler for the meat and drinks is non-negotiable. Don’t be cheap when it comes to packing clothes. It’s better to pack too much rather than not pack enough. Trust me, if you find yourself in need of a change of socks, you’ll thank me for this advice.


Stay active

The key to enjoying your outdoor adventure is to always stay active. Don’t just set up camp and lay around all day. Go on a hike, go swimming in the lake, build a campfire before sun sets. Bring a guitar and circle around the warmth of the fire. Bring board games, playing cards and or even a book and enjoy the simple pleasures that nature has to offer. Camping can be a great bonding experience of you want it to be. And trust me, the busier the day, the better the sleep at night!

So pack your bags and grab your tent, I won’t take no for an answer. We’re gonna make happy campers out of all of you!

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