How (cross)fit are you?


I can’t feel my body. Or more precisely, I can feel every inch of my body, all too well. I’m sore, pretty much everywhere, including muscles that I didn’t even know exist. No, I didn’t get run over by a truck, I simply tried CrossFit for the first time.

But the feeling after is pretty much the same. This weird sensation of temporary, yet extreme, pain mixed with a wonderful sense of achievement got me thinking – what is it about pushing your body to the max that has everyone joining the craze?

I’m a non-committal sports junkie. On one hand, I love the feeling of sweating out the toxins, strengthening the body and working out. On the other hand, I’m very lazy, non-committal and have little to no self-discipline. That’s a problem for someone who strives to be fit and healthy. And believe me, I’ve tried many different types of workouts and sport activities.

The classic weightlifting at the gym? Too boring. Running at sunrise along the coast? Too early. Running at sunset along the coast? Been there, done that. A spinning class in a dark room with blasting musing and a dancing instructor? Amazing experience the first time, but how long do you really expect me to sit on a bike seat? Heck, I’ve even tried an electric workout, where for 20 minutes you stand still and let the pulses do their magic. I felt like a cheater.

Honestly, the only sport that I have been loyal to is basketball, but once a week can only get you to a certain point. And in the heart of the summer, while everyone is boasting their beach bodies, I’m stuck indoors wondering what else I could possibly do to fix my problem.

Along came CrossFit, or functional workouts. My friends have been doing this for a while now, and I finally jumped on the bandwagon. It was by far the toughest workout I have ever experienced. Everything is measured down to the second. Your arms, your legs, your back and your core. Nothing is spared during this workout. And for one simple hour, you feel like quitting every other minute, you hit a wall, your body wants to collapse but you keep on going. At the end, you feel like you’ve conquered the world, or your world at least. Now the tricky part is going back again. After a couple of sore days, I feel like brand new, and can’t wait for my next workout. I want the challenge. I need to push myself to the next level. I must succeed.

Now I can understand those people, the ones that until recently I thought were crazy. The mid-day runners. The endless pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups. The marathon runners who literally run until their feet give out. Now, I can finally understand the feeling you get when you push yourself to the limit, and then realize that you can push some more.  

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