I’m Feeling Lucky


Whether you wear a unique lucky charm or have a special talent for finding four-leaf clovers, share what works for you and inspire us with the things that make you feel lucky.

Luck: Is it destined or created?

This question has captivated audiences for centuries, and scientists have tried to prove whether lucky charms have powers or not. Researchers at the University of Cologne in Germany conducted a test in which half the participants in a game of golf were told on the second round that they were playing with a lucky ball. The other half weren’t told the ball was lucky. There was a 35% improvement with the participants who were told the ball was lucky. Another study by a British University showed that more than 30% of the people who carried good luck charms felt their luck had improved. These are just two of the millions of studies which show what some may say is the “power of the mind” or the “power of luck”. You may not believe in luck, but if you look at life closely you may in fact be surprised to find that some things in life just come to you; or don’t. This is why it is important to know what symbols are bringing you favorable outcomes and helping you to succeed. A good luck charm is based on positive energy and has been believed to diminish negativity or help you take full advantage of success. Many people swear that their luck has increased by wearing a specific item or by displaying a lucky symbol.

Famous Lucky Charms:

Horseshoe: One of the most well known symbols of good fortune is the horseshoe. It should be placed on your doorframe, upwards and is said to bring an ambient spiritual energy.

Lucky Charm Bracelets: These are fashionable accessories that are used for a purpose. They offer a physical touch to soothe, as well as an invitation for positivity.

Butterfly Charm: These are said to be omens of good luck. A butterfly is a symbol of freedom and nature, and is a manifestation of good fortune.

Zodiac Charms: For years Zodiac signs have been linked to improving luck as dates are important and represent new beginnings.

Feathers: These are an ancient charm and represent the journeys of the soul into a different realm.

Keys: Three keys that are strung together symbolize unlocking doors to health, wealth and love.

These are just a few of the hundreds of symbols of luck that exist in today’s world. Now it’s your turn to create your own luck in two short steps.

Step 1: Visualize. Whatever it is that you would like to experience. Visualize it. If you want to be successful, visualize what it would feel like. If you want to fall in love, visualize it happening. If you want to be rich, visualize it and what it would take to get there.

Step 2: Action. Whether it helps you to carry a lucky charm, say a lucky number, or simply change your mindset, find your own luck by acting on your dreams.

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