It’s cocktail time!


Ain’t no party like a cocktail party!

The term “cocktail” refers to an alcoholic beverage that mixes three or more ingredients. Usually a mix of alcohol with sugar, lemon and bitters, cocktails have conquered the dinner party and nightlife world.

The original cocktails, back in the mid-1800’s, didn’t refer to the colorful umbrella drinks we all know today, but rather referred to a mix of alcohol and bitters, such as and old fashion or a Manhattan. However, during the prohibition in the U.S. in the 1920’s, sweet and sour cocktails become increasingly popular in the illegal speakeasy establishments, as the added taste was used to mask the low quality alcohol that was produced at that time. And while cocktails lost their allure in the 50’s and 60’s, by the late 1980’s cocktails began making a resurgence. Today, cocktails are extremely popular worldwide, as it is custom to drink them before dinner, serve them as the main attraction of a cocktail party or simply make them at home for a fun night of alcohol and a mess. Also, in recent years, cocktail bars have been on the rise, as many people prefer to go out for a nice night of some drinking fun.

And while there are endless types of different cocktails, there are a few that you simply can’t go on without being familiar with. So here is out list of must-know cocktails…

Pina Colada

The Pina Colada is said to originate from Puerto Rico back in the early 1950’s and has conquered the hearts of coconut lovers everywhere! This fun cocktail is extremely easy to recognize, as it is white and closer to a smoothie than an alcoholic drink. The main ingredients are rum, coconut milk and pineapple juice, and this drink is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth or in the mood for a light drink.


This Mexican classic is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Made from tequila, triple sec and lime juice, this simple beverage is either served on ice or blended with it. The crown of salt at the tip of the cup makes this drink easy to recognize and extremely fun to drink.


This modern drink is most famous for its appearances on the hit series sex and the city, where Carrie and her friends would occasionally enjoy this modern vodka cocktail. This mix of vodka, triple sec, lime juice and cranberry juice has a crisp taste and an easy to recognize red color that invites any girl to sip away.


This Cuban cocktail is easily one of the most popular alcoholic mixes in the world, as the fresh taste, low alcohol percentage and mix of sweet and sour make this drink inviting to all. The main ingredients are white rum, lime juice, sugar and soda water. In addition, this drink is always served on plenty of ice and mint, to make this drink cold and refreshing, perfect for those Caribbean evenings.

Now it’s time to find your perfect drink, so don’t be shy and get the cocktail party started!    

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