Life doesn’t happen in a screen


Stop texting!

Yes, I’m talking to you, mindless street walkers who cross the street without even glancing ahead. And you, bike riders who think that it’s normal to steer with your knees and text your friend or scroll through Facebook while carelessly riding along. Red-light selfies are not cool. Green light selfies are also not cool. Nobody cares that you’re driving, other than the other drivers on the road that you’re putting in danger.

Life doesn’t happen in a screen.

Too many times have I seen a bunch of girls sitting in a coffee shop and mindlessly zoned out in selfie mode. Friends hanging out in a bar or restaurant, each with his iPhone, Facebook and snapchat. “hey man, go talk to that girl at the end of the bar!” “no, I’ll just add her on Instagram”… while I’m not quoting a real conversation, I’m sure that this unfortunate description is based on true events, too many of them. Why did you even bother leaving your house? You can easily play with your virtual friends, text and selfie – all from the comfort of your living room!

Life doesn’t happen in a screen. It happens all around you.

So, for the love of God, leave your phones, gadgets and screens alone. Not forever. Not even for a long time. But do yourselves a favor and take a break. Enjoy what the real life has to offer instead of trying to create a false one that you like better.

Life is happening. Your screen is blocking the view…

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