Longing for the sea


Places with beaches, marinas and a vibrant sea life have long been considered vacation spots, because of the laid-back, “all fun and games” attitude that seems to accompany these areas. However, there are many benefits to living by the sea and participating in sea activities.

When deciding what factors are important for you and your family, usually health, happiness and quality of life top the list. Well, living by the sea has been found to be extremely helpful in achieving these simple goals.

Studies have shown that populations living by the sea are generally healthier than those living deep in the inlands. There are many factors that can be attributed to this generalization. First, living by the sea greatly improves your sleeping habits. The coastal air, full with negative ions, actually helps your body absorb more oxygen than in other regions. In addition, living by the sea enables you to live a more active life, thus improving your health through sport activities such as jogging or yoga on the beach, surfing, swimming and other water sports. As we all know, an active body is a healthy body. Also, spending time by the sea is proven to reduce stress levels, which is also very beneficial to our health. And since exposure to the sea means exposure to the sun as well, you can benefit from the vitamin D the sun offers, but beware of the UV rays!

Besides the great health benefits of living by the sea, there are also many other benefits to take into account. Living by the ocean, there are many outdoor activities to enjoy with the family. If you ask me, family fun + fun in the sun = a happy home! Another great benefit of living by the sea is the ability to make new friends and meet new people. If you like to surf, you’ll fit perfectly into the surfer crowd. Like to sail? We’ve got you covered. Running groups, swimming groups, volleyball teams and the dog owner crowd. In a place that allows so many different outdoors activities, you are bound to find whatever you’re looking for.

So for a healthier, happier life – pack your bags and move to a coastal area. Long for the sea no more!


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