Mailboxes Etc.


Remember the days when you were genuinely excited to check your mailbox? Taking those small strides from your front door to the sidewalk, where a small, funny looking box would wait, holding what seemed to be an endless amount of possibilities. Perhaps a love letter from the one who got away. Maybe a funny story from your pen-pal in Iceland. It might be a post card from your world-traveling grandma. Your curiosity is starting to rise, your excitement climaxes with every step. Finally, you’re at your mailbox, you slowly reach in and…

That’s it. No love letter. No pen pal. No family postcards. Just bills…and maybe an ad or two.
Upsettingly, this is the reality we live in. Technology has made the world move so fast that nobody seems to have time to sit and simply write. Short emails, one worded texts and selfies have replaced the art of letter writing. Truth be told, I doubt that there are many people who even know or remember how to write a letter. Even worse, I’m sure most of the young folk among us don’t even have readable handwriting. The convenience of fast-paced typing has everyone writing liking a doctor. Heck, even doctors don’t write anymore, they simply print the prescription with the click of a button.
It is because of this, that I call upon my fellow romantics to help bring back this important art, and make mailboxes relevant once again!
A hand-written letter can be a thing of beauty. There is much that lies behind the ink, paper and envelope. Writing a letter takes a lot of time and thought, each word and letter carefully placed because there is no delete button to fix your mistakes. Therefore, a hand-written letter inherently has a special personal touch, one that can’t be found in texts and emails. And since we already mentioned delete buttons, unlike emails, people tend to save a personal hand-written letter. That’s part of what makes a letter so beautiful and special.
If that isn’t enough to convince you to close your email account and start using pigeons and horse-back messengers, just try to remember how excited you were the last time you received a letter. Wouldn’t you want your someone special to get to experience that feeling as well?
So, it might take some hard work and time, but let’s renew the art of writing a letter. Mailboxes are making a come back!



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