My New Year’s Resolutions


New Year’s is just around the corner and it’s time for my annual New Year’s resolutions. I love this time of year, because I get to promise myself that I’ll be a better person. A better version of me. Each year, I have very high hopes that this year will be THE YEAR. The year I follow through on my resolutions. The year that I keep my promises. The year that I stay committed.

And then life interrupts.

It usually takes anywhere between 3 days to a week and a half, but every year one thing never changes – I always break (very fast, I know).

But this year is different.

This year really is THE YEAR. And instead of shooting for the stars, this New Year’s is all about being realistic. Enough with the dreams and the wild imagination. Looking over some of my resolutions from the past couple of years, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

No, I won’t run a marathon this year. No, I won’t learn Mandarin. And I definitely will not try to train a dragon this year, or ever (what was I thinking?)…

This year I’m being realistic. This year I’m committing to sane objectives and normal resolutions. For this New Year’s, I’m striving for clichés.

So, how do I plan on becoming a better version of myself this year?

My resolutions – the ones I really plan on keeping…

  1. Live a healthier lifestyle. This includes eating spirulina (ugh). Doing more yoga. trying to meditate without laughing. Exercising on a semi-regular basis (hey, at least I’m realistic).
  2. Be a better person. I’m not talking about becoming a saint or a martyr. But I could be more of a gentleman. Be nicer to strangers. Give, without expecting something in return. Be a better friend. Be more patient. Argue less.
  3. Live on the wild side. I’m not looking to completely lose control. But it wouldn’t hurt if I let loose a little bit more. Not every day. But maybe on the weekends. Go on an adventure. Take a vacation from work and school. Face a fear. Take a leap of faith into the unknown.
  4. Be more confident. This is hard, but doable. Meet new people. Talk to strangers as if they were my best friend. Go to parties. And actually mingle. Speak in public. Be more assertive, more decisive.
  5. Fall in love. This one isn’t really up to me, it depends on who I meet. But at least I can try. Try to open up. Let down the walls. Be more vulnerable. Put myself out there (and hope to come back in one piece).

So, what are your New Year’s resolutions? Feel free to comment below and share with us all.

May our will overcome our weakness, and may we commit to year-long resolutions!

Happy New Year’s 🙂

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