Only in Australia


Welcome to the land down under – Australia. One of the most unique places in the world, this extremely large island is one of the best countries to live in and one of the most interesting countries to visit.

But what is it that makes Australia so unique?

The animals
Australia is most famous for being home of kangaroos and koalas, both being funny and unique animals in their own right. And while it may be fun to find a cute koala in your backyard, or a kangaroo jumping around in the middle of the street, not all of Aussie’s animals are cute, cuddly or fun. Australia, especially the outback, is notorious for inhibiting large animals – extremely large! From spiders the size of your head to jellyfish so large you can’t even imagine, there seems to be something in the water – because these animals are huge! Crocodiles fighting pythons, dingoes eating sharks and random snakes popping out of toilets…you can expect to see anything and everything in Australia.

The outback
Australia is the most urbanized country in the world. It also happens to be one it the biggest countries in the world. And since most of the population lives in cities, that leaves a whole lot of terrain uninhabited. The Australian outback is about 65 million sq. km, yet only 60,000 people occupy this large region. The vast lands of emptiness, red deserts stretching for what seems like an eternity and animals of all different shapes and forms roaming freely – the outback is a must-see for any nature lover. The canyons, the mountains, the streams and the rivers, there is something for everyone and an Australian road trip is just about as good as it gets.

The people
Australia is famous for having one of the best populations in the world, with everyone living laid-back, worry-free lives. However, the lack of worries can tend to lead to some pretty dumb things down under. Planking. It’s a term used when someone randomly lays down, completely strait and stiff, like a plank of wood. Yes, people in Australia actually “plank” just to pass the time. You can plank yourself on an escalator, in the street and just about everywhere else. Another wonderful thing about Australians is there love of “photo bombs”. A “photo bomb” is when someone, or something, slightly interferes in someone else’s photo, usually showing their face randomly in the corner of the pic or behind the subject of the photo. And while photo bombing is all fun and games, down under they take it pretty seriously. In fact, a really good photobomb, one that consists of animals or celebrities, will probably get coverage in the local newspaper. Yes, that’s the type of news they deliver in Australia, since not that much bad goes on over there.

So whenever you find yourself visiting in Aussie, remember to look out for the large animals that seem to pop out of any random spot, travel the outback -it’s a must – and “when in Rome…” join the local customs of photobombing and planking your way through Australia!

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