Patience is a Virtue


The line won’t move any faster if you start getting angry or frustrated. The traffic jam won’t clear up if you start honking. So, everyone just needs to take a sec and chill out. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and count to 3.

Patience is a virtue, but it is certainly lacking in today’s restless world.

Unfortunately, this is something that I’m noticing more and more, lately. Everyone is always on the move, not resting or taking a second to catch their breath. This hustle and bustle way of life has one serious side effect – people tend to lose their patience and go ape-shit whenever things aren’t going their way, or speed.

So, this is me, slow and lazy, telling you all to stop and smell the roses. Stop getting angry. Stop cutting each other in line, stop being aggressive on the road and stop all the damn honking!

Besides the fact that impatience is a very annoying attribute, it is also an unhealthy one. Why add more stress to your already extremely stressful lives, when you can channel that energy to something beneficial instead? Personally, when I am in a situation in which patience is required, I take advantage of this suddenly “wasted” time by organizing my thoughts and planning my next steps. The waiting room at the doctor’s office is the perfect time to space out and relax. I find that traffic jams and annoying red lights help me plan the rest of my day. Basically, the choice is yours. You can take a frustrating situation and get frustrated, or you can turn it around and make it useful.

Patience is a virtue. Patience is also a choice. So before I start losing mine, you better find yours!

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