Red and Rare


Redheads fascinate me. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because they’re an extremely rare species.
Or maybe it’s because there are so many myths and tales about these unique people, that I am naturally intrigued. In fact, I’ve heard so many ginger tales, I simply had to check them out.

Top 10 red-headed facts

1. There are only 140 million people , or roughly 2% of the world population, that have red hair. Gingers are extremely rare due to their gene traits.

2. Only when both parents carry the redhead gene, does the child have a chance to join the fun. And it’s only a 25% chance!

3. Most redheads have brown eyes. Contrary to common belief, the red-hair, blue-eye combo is not only very beautiful, but it is also unbelievably rare.

4. As you know, reds are rare. Lefties are also rare. But if you’re a redhead, there’s a much higher chance that you’re also a lefty. Basically, if you’re a lefty with red hair and blue eyes, you’re a unicorn.

5.  Red hair never turns gray. You heard it, ladies! With age, usually comes gray hair. But with redheads, the red simply fades to blonde and eventually a silky, smooth white. Yep, no gray!

6. Bees are more likely to sting a ginger. Don’t ask me why. It’s just the way it is.

7. But don’t worry! Thanks to that same redhead gene, they feel less pain.

8. There is a redhead festival held annually in Breda, The Netherlands. I’m not sure what a bunch of redheads do when they get together, but I’m sure that it’s a blast!

9. Redheads are better in bed. Studies have shown that redheads have better sex and more often than their blond or brown-haired counterparts. Guys pay attention! This is especially true with women. I guess red really is the color of passion.

10. Redheads are not vampires, witches or demons. While today this fact may seem a little obvious, in the past, however, it did not. The ancient Greeks believed that redheads were vampires. In the middle ages, red-headed woman were hunted and killed for being witches. And in Nazi Germany, redheads were considered demons and weren’t allowed to marry each other, in order to prevent the birth of more “demon-children”.

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