Robinson Crusoe Style


The world is changing, for the better or worse, technology is changing our lives at a record pace. However, all the technology in the world can’t seem to replace one aspect of life.
It’s a feeling. A feeling so deep-rooted in our DNA that no matter how much we try, it will probably always exist, because that’s how we are wired.


It’s the feeling of survival instincts. Throw me on a deserted island, no problem. Leave me alone in the heart of the desert, piece of cake. Survive in the wildest of jungles, Call me Mowgli.

Every man has the urge to show his survival instincts, to prove his manhood in the most primal way.

We can see this phenomenon everywhere we look. “Survivor” has been, and still is, a hit TV show on a global scale. Shows like “The Ultimate Survivor” and “Man vs Wild” with Bear Grylls have captivated a cult-like following. “I could definitely survive that!”, we all secretly say to ourselves.

Well the truth is, while we all wish that we could be the deer-hunting, shark-fighting, mountain-climbing macho men of old, the luxury of technology and modernization has made us soft. The instinct might have survived, but survival skills are a lost art form, forgotten by even the most “Rambo” of men among us.

With that said, I present the ultimate survival list, comprised of the 3 most important skills you need most for the day you go all Tom Hanks on everyone and disappear on some random island.

Building a shelter
One of the most important factors of survival is the shelter that you manage to build. To ensure building a proper shelter, you must use whatever you can find (branches, leaves, random debris) and make a shelter that will shield the rain, snow and sun. Also, it is important to insulate yourself from the ground, which can be very cold at night, by laying leaves and debris between you and the ground.

Start a fire
If you know how to start a fire with nothing but sticks and rocks, you probably don’t even need to read this post. But in the off chance that you can’t make fire the way it was discovered, you can easily do so with the help of a simple battery. Prepare the twigs and wood in a campfire fashion, and create sparks by simply connecting the negative and positive ends of the battery with any piece of metal (wire, aluminum foil, etc…)

Water is the way to life
Drinking clean water is essential for survival. If you can get your hands on some good ol’ rain or snow, that’s great. If not, be sure to boil the water (with your amazing battery fire) to kill any dangerous bacteria.  You can also collect clean drinkable water by tightly closing a plastic bag over a leafy branch; by the end of the day, you’ll have some tree-water ready to quench your thirst. If water is scarce, be sure to ration your portions and search for a water source.


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