Season of lights


December has arrived. It’s my favorite month of the year. And not only because my birthday is in December, but also because it’s holiday season, the season of lights.

In the midst of the winter, when the days are cold and the nights are long, these magical days light up the mood. The decorations, the colorful lights hanging from a tree or soft candle-lights shining through a window. It really is the season to be jolly.

And why wouldn’t you be?

December is shopaholics heaven, with crazy sales starting after Thanksgiving all the way until New Years. Stores are literally handing out stuff for free! Also, the holidays give us a well-earned break from work. Jump on a plane and go somewhere warm. Or gear up and hit the slopes. Anything to clear your mind after the grind of another year.

And then the lights appear.

The main reason these holidays are so great is family. The lights bring us together. Whether it’s grandpa with granddaughter, decorating the tree, or father and son, lighting a Hanukah candle, these lights represent love. And spending time with our loved ones is something to cherish, so don’t take it for granted.

Family is important. And there’s no better time to gather up and have a family reunion. In this global age, where transportation is easy and borders aren’t much of a problem, families tend to find themselves torn apart. A grandpa on the east coast, a brother on the west and an uncle in Paris. Even your retired parents are busy traveling the world. Whatever the case may be, don’t take family for granted. Find the time, find the place and get together. Family is everything.

And that is what these holidays, and this month, is all about.

So, spend time with your loved ones, spread the love and spread the joy. Happy Holidays to us all!


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