Secret in your eyez


Eyes are fascinating. They never tell a lie. They are the passage to our soul. And they come in many different colors, each beautiful in its own right.

But what makes a person’s eyes brown, blue or green?

First off, the colorful part of the eye is called the iris. There are two main factors that determine the color of the iris, pigmentation and scattering of light in the iris. The human genes allow for the iris’ pigmentation to vary from black to light brown, depending on the parents’ DNA. Therefore, the beautifully colored eyes –  hazel, blue or green – are determined by the scattering of light in the iris. This process of light scattering is similar to the process that occurs to make the sky blue.

These factors stem from the genes of the parents, yet it is not an exact science. Even though the darker colored genes usually overcome the lighter ones, it is the unique mix of genes between the parents that will ultimately determine the eye color. However, even if both of your parents have blue eyes, you will not necessarily have blue eyes. And if one parent has green while the other brown, all bets are off as to what color you will have. And while infants usually are born with lighter eyes, they tend to darken around the age of one, with the development of pigments.

In some cases, a person may have different colors in each eye. While this is rare, it is most likely to occur with blue and green, as these colors share a common lack in pigmentation. This can occur due to a defect in pigment transfer during the infant’s early stages of growth, or more likely, due to trauma to the eye. The late David Bowie was famous for having one blue eye and one black. In his case, this was caused to a fist fight with a friend in school. A punch to the eye, not particularly hard but at a strange angle, caused his iris’ muscle to paralyze, thus causing the unique difference in eye color.

Even though eye color is purely genetic and scientific, it has become a staple in regards to beauty. We seem to be captivated by big eyes with beautiful coloring, a deep blue that reminds us of the ocean, a unique green or even a light hazel. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This got me wondering, are we all attracted to the same type of eye colors. While there is no proof on the matter, I have found that rarer is usually better. If you are a blue-eyed person in a region that is dominated by brown eyes, you will stand out and most likely your eyes will be a great asset. However, if the same blue eyes were to go to Sweden, a region dominated by blue eyes, you would simply be one of many, and your beautiful eyes wouldn’t be as intoxicating. With that said, on a global scale, brown eyes dominate, therefore giving the blues and greens of the world the beauty advantage.

But no matter the color of your eyes, remember – the eyes are a mirror of the soul, and they tell the truth when everything else is a lie.

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