The cloudless skies are painted orange, yellow and red at dawn. Sprinklers tend to the freshly cut grass, rotating in circles to sprinkle it all. The birds are chirping and the temperature starts to climb. Summer is here. And the living truly is easy. What’s not to love about the best season of the year? School is out, restless kids are enjoying each day as if it was the last day of august.

It’s the season of baseball, BBQ’s and going to the beach. It’s the season of vacations, road-trips and family fun. It’s wedding season. It’s the season, especially for students of all ages, that seems to be completely unrelated to reality. For a couple of months, life is good, there are no worries and all that is expected of you is to have some fun. There’s a reason that the term “summer love” exists.

As you probably can tell, I am a BIG fan of summer. So today, I will share my love of this wonderful season with you, and show you all the great things that summer has to offer.

Who ever said that summer has to be the dry season?

Although in many regions of the world, summer is in fact a drought season, this doesn’t mean that summer is a dry season. Actually, the opposite is true, as the hot weather and beating sunshine encourages us to engage in various wet activities. And honestly, who doesn’t like getting wet on a scorching summer day? Whether it’s canon-ball jumping into the pool, catching waves with your surfboard or pushing the term “speed” to its limits with your uncle’s jet ski, there are more than enough water sports and activities for everyone. Also, with school out and the heat beating down, it’s the perfect time for some family fun at the waterpark, with exiting rides and splashes of fun for everyone. And if you can’t get to a water park, you can always let your kids run wild around the local fire-hydrant bursting water into the air 😉

Get your sport on.

While mid-day may be too hot to enjoy outdoor sports that don’t include getting wet, the late-afternoons and evenings are perfect for sporting activities. First off, summer is the official season of baseball. Caps and cleats, bats and balls, hotdogs and ice-cold beers. Sounds good to me. But the summer is much more than that. It’s beach volleyball in the morning. It’s football or basketball in the park. It’s a sunset jog along the beach. Old timers pack the golf course while youngsters take a crack at mini-golf. The skate parks filled with thrills and the beaches and parks filled with dogs fetching Frisbees and tennis balls. Summer seems to bring out the athlete in everyone, so make sure not to miss out on all the competitive fun.

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