Thanksgiving – A day of appreciation


Every Year, on the last Thursday of November, families across America gather together around the dinner table and share a feast. The Traditional menu includes a MASSIVE stuffed turkey, cranberry sauce, corn, yams and just when you feel like you’re about to explode, some apple pie comes your way.


Sounds pretty good to me. And my favorite part of this holiday meal is the tradition of thanks. As the name indicates, Thanksgiving is a day to show appreciation for what you have and gratitude towards those you love. For one day, everyone stops their daily hustle, pauses to reflect on their lives and acknowledges the good in their lives. It really is a very nice tradition.

While our Thanksgiving feast may be extremely different than the first feast way back in 1621, with pilgrims and Native Americans at Plymouth, the essence is the pretty much the same. Back then, they were grateful for their first successful harvest on their new land, after a horrendous voyage across the Atlantic. At that feast, they celebrated life and peace, new beginnings with new neighbors.

And while acknowledging the big things in life are easy, it’s appreciating the little things in life that makes this holiday truly great. So, this year I challenge everyone to think small and appreciate the things that usually go unnoticed in life.

Be thankful for the love and support of your family. Be thankful for good health. That’s the easy stuff. But what about simply being thankful for a good cup of coffee. Or a day with no traffic. It could even be as simple as appreciating new sheets on laundry day. It really doesn’t matter, because once you start showing appreciation and gratitude for all the little things in life, you will naturally become a much happier and more content version of yourself.

This year, let’s make it a point to simply appreciate life and all the small joys that it offers along the way.

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