The Aristocats


Cats or dogs? It’s an age-old question that turns even the most peaceful, “never-hurt-a-fly”, animal lovers into zealous fanatics, ready for battle to protect their pet. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from pet owners, it’s that you never tell a dog lover that cats are better, but you especially NEVER tell a cat lover that dogs are man’s best friend.

So what exactly makes a cat so special, making cat owners fall helplessly in love with them?

Even though I am allergic to cats, I decided to investigate the issue with a hands-on approach, getting up close and personal with the furry ones that make me sneeze.

First off, studies have shown that cats are great therapeutic animals, helping people overcome emotional issues faster than dogs. There’s nothing like cuddling a cat in your arms and holding it closely to your chest to help overcome heartbreak.

Not only, do cats sooth the emotions, they also happen to sooth your body and lower your stress levels. In fact, research suggests that being a cat owner can reduce the likeliness of a heart attack by nearly 40%! With such a quiet, calm animal quietly purring in the background, it’s not hard to understand why cats are so soothing. Personally, putting aside this watery eyes and occasional sneeze, there’s something about holding a cat that just takes the edge off and puts you in a relaxing mood.

A study conducted in Switzerland has shown that a cat can actually be equal to a romantic partner, especially for women. While I just don’t seem understand this, I’ll take their word for it.

And cats are not only popular amongst women, they also happen to be extremely popular with kids. They happen to be great listeners, to children who don’t realize that they can’t understand a word. Roughly 81% of kids prefer to talk to cats rather than dogs.

Honestly, my favorite part about cats is their family tree. From majestic lions and tigers to beautiful panthers and leopards, the cat surely has some royal blood flowing through its veins. And while a cat is certainly no lion, it is definitely the only animal I would consider allowing in my home.

In the never-ending competition for the title of “man’s best friend”, dog owners and cat owners will probably never find common ground. However, as I have witnessed first-hand, a quiet meow can be just as impactful as a deafening bark, and cats are certainly giving dogs a run for their money and earning a special place in our hearts.

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