The Art of Picnic


Dating is tough. And I’m not talking about dating as a stage in a relationship. I’m talking about the literal act of going out on a date. Whether you’re on a first date or celebrating an anniversary, there’s a lot of pressure to think of a good idea, original and romantic, not too expensive or too hard to do.


So instead of going to another restaurant, the same wine bar from last week or wasting 3 hours watching a movie in silence, why not try something new?

A picnic, when done correctly, can be a game-changer in the world of dating. It may sound simple, but picnicking is an art mastered by few. There are a few key factors in turning a picnic into a successful and romantic date, it’s all about being organized.

what’s in your basket?

When packing a picnic basket for two, there are a number of things you want to remember. Keep it light, and not just because you’ll be carrying the basket. When eating outdoors, a light meal is the best route to take. It could be a nice cheese platter with some fresh bread, a nice plate of assorted fruit or even a salad and small sandwich. Stay away from anything that needs heating, freezing or a lot of real-time preparation. Wine is key, preferably a nice cold white or rose’, something that will match the food and add a lot of points to the romance column. Keep it simple, keep it clean and keep it fresh.

Location, location, location…

Another important factor is the location you choose. And it’s not only about the location, but also the time you go to that location. A beautiful green park is classic. Flowers to color the background, trees to offer shade and grass as padding to add comfort. A park picnic can work in all hours of the day, from a sunny brunch to a beautiful sunset or a romantic star-filled night. However, make sure that the park isn’t too crowded, as seclusion is also important for romance and intimacy. Beach picnics are also a great option, but be warned -they come with risks! The sand and lack of shade can be problematic, so it’s best if this picnic is done with a sunset background. If you’re looking for a night-date, get away from the city lights and enjoy a romantic night under the stars. Here, the key is a balance between a clear sky away from the lights, yet not too dark of a location.

One more tip…

One on one situations such as these can be stressful. Will she like me? Will there be awkward silences? What do we talk about?

To avoid these questions, it’s all about confidence. Show that you are confident enough to handle the situation without distractions or attractions. Bring a small portable speaker and play a romantic playlist. Dance with her, as if no one is watching. Be confident, be original and be a gentleman. Picnic is an art you are now ready to master…

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