The Fine Lines


The face is a blueprint of our personality, mindset and emotions. Expressions and wrinkles carry adventures, experiences and memories through the journey of life.

As time passes and the years go on, we grow, we change, we evolve. And with our growth comes the fine lines across our face, the scars of time and age. However, these wrinkles aren’t only a sign that we’re climbing up in years, but also a signifies the experience, the stories and the emotions that life has offered.

While I am a true believer, this sentiment is not held by most. In fact, in the shallow looks-are-everything world we live in, we are constantly trying to find new ways to defy age. It’s as if we’re trying to convince ourselves that if we look young, we are young. Well, I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s how it works. Nonetheless, almost everybody seems to be looking for the latest cosmetic trend, the one that will give them that oh-so-desired shot of youth.

Here enters Botox.

By far the biggest trend in cosmetics in recent history, Botox is a minimally invasive treatment in which botulinum toxin is injected, via needle, in order to erase those fine lines of age – wrinkles. Although first created in 1989 in order to treat crossed eyes and twitching eyelids, by 1997 Botox was so popular as a cosmetic treatment that it even was out of stock for a period of time in the U.S. Since then, Botox has sit upon the throne of cosmetic treatments, as the trend spread to men and the average age of treatment has gotten younger with time. In fact, Botox is now approved in 75 countries and the expected market value is nearly 3 billion dollars by 2018.
It seems that everyone is trying to prevent the lines before they even appear. Personally, I’m not a fan. I’m more of a “take what nature gives you” kind of guy, but not everyone is like me. While most fear the wrinkles that slowly appear with time, I happen to find that these lines are just fine.



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