These boots were made for walking


Summer is long gone. Autumn is becoming cooler by the day. Soon, the cold winter nights will be upon us. A wardrobe change is in order. And our first essential item, perfect for those cool fall nights and absolutely a must for those freezing winter days, are boots.

Today, boots can be found in many different colors, shapes and forms. They can be a fashion accessory or part of a work uniform. They could thin and elegant or rough and rugged. But no matter the style, everyone should own a pair of boots to help them survive the winter.

This has always been the case. In fact, mankind’s first recordings of boots date back to roughly 15,000 B.C. Pictures of men in two-piece leather boots or women in two-piece fur boots show us that even the cavemen understood the importance of warm feet.

Throughout the middle ages, the evolution of boots continued, as new styles, materials and sizes were introduced. Boots had become associated with different types of jobs and tasks, such as for snow and mud, farming or horse-back riding. Soldiers wore protective boots as they head out to battle. Women were introduced to softer leather, a luxury for the high class. While many different styles were presented during this time period, one thing stayed constant, the demand for boots was always high.

Enter the age of the renaissance. The concept of uniforms, especially military, had spread globally and boots were a key part of the military style. In addition, the use of softer leather and perfumed leather enabled the rugged work boot to evolve into a stylish accessory fit for royalty.

As time evolved, so did the boot. The 19th century Victorian era is considered the peak of the boot evolution, as the English style spread throughout Europe and America like a wildfire. A vital part of this fashion style was the boot, for both men and women. Although the British boot was getting shorter and more fit for street-wear, the American boot was getting bigger and more rugged, fit for the American cowboy roughing the terrains of the wild west.

By the mid-20th century, boots had become an everyday object for all. Whether if it was for work, weather or fashion, everyone owned a pair. The women’s fashion boot especially boomed after the 1960’s, fittingly rising parallel to the rise of women’s rights and sexual awakening.

History has proven, time and time again, that the boot is an essential and necessary item in everyone’s closet. More so, these boots are not meant to be stored away in the depths of your closet, these boots are made for walking!

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