This is a man’s beard


The beard movement is upon us. Or more precisely – beards have officially made a comeback. Once, way back when shaving was a hassle, men sported beards routinely. From the time of Shakespeare to ol’ Abe Lincoln, beards were as common as fluffy collars and top hats.

However, a time came along when beards were considered outdated, wild and unprofessional. Shaving became a social must. Times were tough, faces were smooth.

But in recent years, beards have made a strong comeback. Hipsters being hipsters. Youth trying to show masculinity. Celebrities getting a jump-start on a new trend. Almost everyone has either grown a beard, tried to and failed miserably or has simply toyed with the idea.

Well, growing a beard is no simple task. And while obviously genes play a big role in the outcome of your facial hair, there are a few steps that you can take to help your beard grow faster and look better.

First off, and likely most important, commit to the beard. Yes, growing and grooming a beard entails a serious commitment. And patience – lots of it. So what does this commitment require of you? A key factor in hair growth is stress. Stress causes hair loss and lack of hair growth. Reduce your stress levels and your beard will grow faster. Simple. Nutrition is also important. A high-protein diet can help beards grow faster, as well as a good night’s sleep.

As for patience, it is extremely important to let go of the trimmers, clippers, razors and scissors and leave your beard alone for at least 4 weeks, though if you’re patient enough, 6 weeks is better. This is the toughest time for any new beard. Irritation, itchy skin and random patches of hair across your face will tempt you to shave it all off and forget about the beard. Don’t. Survive this first period and you’re good to go.

In order to make this tough time pass faster and easier, you can help yourself by taking care of the beard. Use moisturizer and beard oil to relieve the irritation and to help manage the wild hair growing freely. Also, since at this point your beard is not yet long enough for shampoo, regular soap is the way to go. However, it is highly recommended to wash the beard only once a week, and rinse daily.

Once you’ve successfully passed the waiting period, you may begin to groom. Since bald patches are inevitable and unavoidable, make sure to select style and length according to your genes and facial structure, in order to maximize your stylish beard. If you’re looking for a plain, general beard, trimming with clippers is fine. However, if you’re going for a more natural, longer and unique look, only scissors can touch your precious beard.

So, drop the razor, be patient, man up and get your beard on!

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