Three’s company


Many different people, from various religions and cultures, seem to find meaning in numbers. We can see the importance of numbers and their significance in major religion, such as Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism. Also, the use of numbers is common practice to help interpret dreams and superstitions.
One number that appears to hold more significance than others is the number 3, as its importance and different uses and interpretations can be seen everywhere.

In Religion
Numerology holds great significance in religious beliefs, and this is especially true with the number 3.

In Christianity, the number 3 appears plenty in many stories and tales of Jesus, since the Christian doctrine views Christ as prophet, priest and king. Another major doctrine is the doctrine of trinity, which includes The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. 3 is not only important in the Christian doctrines, but also appears in numerous stories. For example, it is believed that Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after his death, appearing in bright white clothes talking to Moses and Elijah. Also, it is said that the Devil tempted Jesus 3 times, to no avail, and Jesus raised a total of 3 people from the dead. All signs and stories show the magic of 3 in Christianity.

In Judaism, the number 3 seems to hold even more importance, as it appears in many more stories and customs than any other religion. Many aspects of Jewish life are divided into 3 sections, as we can see that there are 3 daily prayers, 3 divisions of the Torah (Bible), 3 Divisions of the Jewish people – Cohen, Levite and Israel, 3 Pilgrimage holidays – Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot. Also, we can see the number 3 in many stories, as the Jewish people have 3 Patriarchs in Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Prophet Jonah famously spent 3 days in the belly of a whale and potential converts are traditionally denied 3 times in order to test their sincerity before they are able to complete the conversion process.

Science, Dreams and Superstition
The number 3 is viewed as a meaningful number in science, dreams and superstitions as well.
In science, there are 3 important roles for the number 3. First, as we know, humans can perceive the universe in 3 dimensions. Second, the triangle is the most stable physical shape, therefore is important for construction and engineering. And third, the ability of the human eye to distinguish colors is based on the fact that the retina is capable of receiving 3 types of color wavelengths at once, combining to make the colors that we see.

In dreams, the number 3 is considered a sacred number that symbolizes creativity. If 3 appears in your dreams, it is a sign that you need to create something new, as the number 3 will bless your productivity and allow you to create something magical.

In superstitious beliefs, the number 3 also has many different uses, varying according to different cultures. In western cultures, 3 is considered a lucky number, as the saying “third time’s the charm” refers to a successful third attempt after 2 failures. However, in eastern cultures, the number 3 is viewed as unlucky. An example of this is the superstition that it is unlucky to take a picture with 3 people in it, as it is believed that the person in the middle will die first.
So regardless of your culture, religion or superstitious beliefs, you are bound to find meaning in the number 3.

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