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I am left handed. So is roughly 10% of the world’s population. According to historians, this percentage has been true for over 500,000 thousand years! While we do know that genes play a part in deciding handedness, it is not the sole factor. In fact, the factors that affect handedness are not fully known, as is the reason why lefties have steadily been 10% of the population.

One theory on this matter is that 10% is the result of a balance between competitiveness and cooperation, the two forces that have driven civilization throughout history. According to this theory, lefties thrive in a competitive setting, but find themselves at a disadvantage in a cooperative setting.
Why lefties prosper in competition

Why lefties prosper in competition
In short, it’s all a matter of preparation. Because being left-handed is uncommon, lefties make this rarity an advantage. Lefties and righties alike, are used to facing off against right-handed competition, due to the statistical probability that the competition is right-handed. Therefore, when facing a lefty, you are thrown off balance because of the lack of preparation against them.

Why lefties are handicapped in cooperation
In contrast to the competitive world, lefties have been historically at a great disadvantage in the cooperative world. This is because of the standardization of tools. Scissors, guitars, sewing machines and even plain notebooks are examples of daily objects designed for the use of righties. Naturally, lefties struggle with such objects, thus rendering them helpless in certain situations.
So, according to this theory, throughout the history of mankind, a certain balance between competition and cooperation has kept the percentile of lefties steady at 10%.

With that said, if you, like me, are left-handed, you are a rare commodity. To prove your superiority over the heavily-populated right-handed simple folk, here is my list of love for lefties:

  1. Lefties are smarter. Even though we are only 10% of the population, there are more lefties with an IQ over 140 than righties. The common notion behind this is that lefties use both sides if the brain more often, developing many skills and sharper thinking. In this regard, we are proudly represented by Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin and Bill Gates.
  2. Directly linked to the “two sides of the brain” theory, lefties are more creative and better suited for multitasking. The left side of the body is controlled by the right side of the brain, so naturally, the right side of a lefty’s brain is more developed than that of a righty. Since imagination, emotion and creativity are all controlled in the right side of the brain, us lefties have the clear advantage. Notable creative minds include Leonardo da Vinci, Jimi Hendrix and Steve Jobs.
  3. Lefty = Leader. Due to the complex ability to integrate both creativity and smarts, many world leaders have been left handed. The impressive list includes leaders such as Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Napoleon, and Oprah Winfrey (she’s definitely a world-leader, right?)
  4. Lefties are better at sports. As described above, in the competitive world, lefties are better off. While we may not be specifically more athletic, we are better athletes. And as long as we are the minority, we will continue to win at sports. Lefty winners include Babe Ruth, Rafael Nadal, Phil Mickelson and James Harden.
  5. It’s better to love a lefty. If you are a single woman in search of love, look for us lefties. Thanks to our more developed right-side of the brain, we are better suited at communicating with the female sex. If men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, then we lefties can speak Venusian! Also, a recent survey has revealed that lefties are 70% more satisfied with their sex life. (I’m sure this got your attention, ladies!)

So if you are a southpaw, hold your head up high and show the world that you are a rare gem, not a genetic glitch.

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