Warm Winter Escapes


As I’m writing this, it raining outside, trees are swaying around from all the wind and it’s so cold that I’m wearing a coat indoors. Just looking out the window gives me the shivers.

Personally, I love the winter.

However, not everyone is like me. In fact, most people probably can’t stand the cold winter weather. They’d all much rather lay on a beach somewhere warm. So, if you spend your winter nights dreaming about white sand and clear waters, here are my top 5 warm winter escapes…


Florida is easily one of the most popular winter destinations in The States. Miami’s endless coastline and intense nightlife attracts all the young tourists looking for a good time. For couples searching for some warm solitude, the Florida Keys offer just that (and an amazing beach surrounding the islands). And for some family fun, hit Orlando and the array of theme parks, headlined by Disney World and Universal Studios.


Whether you’re on your honeymoon, celebrating your 50th anniversary or looking for the perfect family vacation, these islands are for everyone! The luxurious resorts, the breathtaking natural beauty and of course, the hot weather all make this a perfect winter escape. So, go swim with dolphins, take a surf lesson or just drive around and go island hopping. Aloha!


A Mexican getaway isn’t just for spring breakers. The white coasts of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, the clear waters of Cozumel and the sunset of Isla Mujures make this one of the best destinations for a warm winter. These coastal cities, and the islands near by, are located by the Gulf of Mexico, on the East coast of Mexico. 1$ Coronas and authentic Mexican food are an added bonus!


Welcome to the land of reggae, where the weather is warm, the beaches are fun and the people are chill. Located in the heart of the Caribbean, this island offers a truly unique experience. In addition to the amazing beaches, the chill music and nice people, Jamaica’s inland offers plenty of natural beauty for those looking for some extra adventures!

Dominican Republic

The final warm winter escape is dedicated to couples, looking to leave the kids at home and change the cold weather with some hot romance. Like Jamaica, located in the heart of the Caribbean, this country offers wonderful sunsets, romantic resorts and the cleanest beaches in the world (environmentalists will have my back on this). My motto for choosing vacations spots is, “white sand, clear waters”. The DR meets my standards!

You know what? Forget about the cold winter storms, I’m joining in on the warm winter fun…meet you by the beach!

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