We Playin’ Basketball


“Now basketball is my favorite sport, I like the way they dribble up and down the court…”

While these lil’ bow wow lyrics aren’t exactly a piece of art, basketball however, is. And in honor of the start of a new season, here are 5 reasons why basketball is the best sport in the world.


Perfect combo of skill and strategy

Basketball requires a unique balance between skill and strategy, athleticism and smarts. And while every sport can try to claim the same, only basketball is perfectly balanced. Football relies too much on coaching and strategy. In soccer, strategy isn’t dominant enough to be noticed. Baseball lacks athleticism, strategy and smarts to even be in the conversation. And golf – just kidding…golf isn’t really a sport 😉

Strength by numbers

Sports fans love numbers. Jersey numbers, stats, records and standings. Basketball, offers the perfect dose of numbers for your average sports junkie. Basketball uses many stats and methods to analyze the game and make life more interesting, without completely confusing us, like football or baseball. Once again, soccer is extremely lacking in this department.

Street ball is B-ball

To truly be the greatest sport, it’s not enough to have the most viewers or fans. Ratings and merchandise sales are for team managers and owners. For the rest of us, sports stems from the streets. And when you say “streetball”, you are obviously referring to basketball. 5 on 5, 3 on 3 or even 1 on 1, are all much more fun and easier to organize than trying to play pick-up football or soccer. And good luck trying to find a pick-up baseball game in your neighborhood.

The perfect pace

Basketball has the perfect pace. 5 on 5 with unlimited substitutions is far better than any of the other sports. baseball is way too slow. Soccer can be very fast, but the lack of subs causes fatigue to show late in games. Football’s pace is near perfect, but the many timeouts, commercials and dead-balls cause too much interruption to the game’s flow. Pace is important and basketball’s is the best.

It’s showtime

When you’re looking for some entertainment, basketball is the way to go. The pace, the spacing on the floor and the high-flying athleticism brought to you nightly is what makes this sport great. High scores, plenty of dunks and circus shots, intense drama and fun showboating are all included in this wonderful package. Today, with almost all of our entertainment options available on demand, sports sits atop the throne of live TV. And basketball is the peak of sports entertainment…it’s showtime!


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