Winter Warriors


Winter has arrived. Well, technically winter doesn’t arrive until December 21st, but hey, who’s counting?

The weather is becoming harsh; layers of beautiful white snow are starting to cover the land and everyone is running for shelter. And even though I wish I could stay cuddled up in a blanket on the couch, sipping hot coco in front of a fireplace, I can’t. Life doesn’t stop because winter is here. So, what does one do to brave the storm and survive the winter?

Layers, layers and… layers
Don’t be shy. Add those layers on. It all starts with keeping your core warm. Try runner’s tights above your under-garments and beneath your pants. T-shirt, long sleeve, vest, sweater, jacket and coat – add them on as you see fit. If you don’t plan on staying outdoors for too long, it helps to have an exit plan. Wear layers that are easily removable once you’re back indoors. You don’t want to be stuck wrapped up like the Michelin Man! But remember, core is key!

Have fun around the edges
Once you’ve got that covered, you can tend to the sensitive areas, like your ears, fingers toes and even nose (yes, it’s a cheesy rhyme). Hats and scarves are trending and gloves are simply common sense, so feel free to be creative and playful. Add some life to your winter wardrobe – generally black and shades of grey – by splashing on some color with these fun winter accessories. And remember, dry feet make all the difference, so change your socks as often as possible!

Warm up…literally
Another step to winter survival is to warm up. No, not under-the-covers or in-front-of-fireplace warm up, but literally do a warm-up before you leave the house. Just as you would warm up before hitting the gym or playing on the court, do a short exercise warm up before you leave the house. I’m not talking about an exaggerated sweaty warm up. But a simple, short exercise to get the blood flowing is exactly what you need to leave your house warm and comfortable.

Now that you are ready to be winter warriors, go ahead and show me how you fight off the winter by adding a photo to the gallery above!

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